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"I Am My True Self"

Atma Yoga TM

Professional Yoga School

 Atma YOga

Professional Yoga School

Atma Yoga is the sister company of Yoga Sun/Spirit Driven Yoga (est. 2006). Our trainings and workshops are fresh, contemporary, and affordable.

The history of yoga dates back more than 5,000 years. Over the centuries yoga has EVOLVED! Atma Yoga is the NEW evolution of yoga! Step outside the box! Express yourself! YOU are amazing and unique! You have greatness within you and greatness to share! There is no one like YOU in the universe! There is no yoga like YOUR yoga! So why should your yoga be like everyone else's yoga?

Atma Yoga shows you how to blend the traditional with the non-traditional, the ordinary with the extraordinary! Step outside that yoga box and let your yoga GO! It's pretty interesting when you finally just let your yoga BE!

Let your tree stand rooted and tall! Let your eagle soar! Embrace the lion within and let it fearlessly roar! This is YOUR yoga! YOUR experience! Authentically YOU! You are ATMA! Embrace your TRUE self!

Miles of smiles,

Sunny Young, RYS-ERYT 500

Atma Yoga International

Founder/Program Director

About our affordable fees!

Todays higher fees can put the dream of becoming a certified yoga teacher out-of-reach for many. Prices can range from $3000-$5,000! Atma Yoga offers more affordable fees to help those passionate about yoga become certified yoga teachers! Our standard rate for the 200 hour is $1650. We also offer flexible payment options. Don't let our prices fool you! Our trainings are creative and thorough! Read more! TRAININGS


2019 2020

"Atma Yoga Dance" inspired by the original "Yoga Tribal Fusion", created by Yoga Sun. Implements various dance modalities and movement therapy into an active yoga flow. Easy to master choreography.

"Yoga Sculpt" introduces numerous creative methods of incorporating weights and conditioning exercises into a yoga class. Smooth transitioning, proper alignment, and safe options are emphasized. This program offers two levels of training, as well as our "Chair Fit" program.

"Chair Fit " is an exclusive one-of-a-kind program of Atma Yoga! It's  creative sequences are performed "in and around" the chair! Movement therapy, weights, resistance training, and gentle yoga, compliment this creative class format! Slow rhythmic transitioning improves concentration and all over body conditioning and coordination, while also improving strength, balance, flexibility, and clarity of mind.

"Gentle Chair Yoga for Special Audiences" introduces various methods to customize a yoga class for special audiences. Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Cancer, Sport Injuries, PTSD, Parkinson's, and other unique considerations.